GDL Racing has been founded in 2001 thanks to the experience in racing cars of Gianluca De Lorenzi and his father Luigi who worked in F.1 for ten years as chef mechanic of Minardi Team.

Gianluca De Lorenzi, married with Elisa and father of two beautiful children, is the team owner of GDL Racing and made his debut as a team manager in the Super Touring Car championship driving himself and taking the second place in the Indipendent standing.

In 2002 Gianluca De Lorenzi won as a driver the European Touring Car championship and his team took the success in the Italian SuperProduction championship.

In 2003 he seized three victiories in the same series (two at Pergusa and one at Vallelunga), two second and one third places, finishing second in the championship. As a team manager he won the 6 Ore di Vallelunga with Ferroni-Macari-Tsuyoshi.

The next year (2004) Gianluca De Lorenzi finished again second in the Italian SuperProduction championship and won two races (once more at Pergusa and Vallelunga).

In 2005 he finished second again in the Italia Super Touring Car championship, behind Alex Zanardi. In the same year GDL Racing triumphed in Etcs series with Gabellini-Lusuardi-Pindari.

2007 marked the debut of the team in the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia and Gianluca De Lorenzi grabbed the second place at the end of the season. In the same year GDL Racing took part of Italian Superstars championship and was third in the team standing.

An other important result for GDL Racing was in 2008, when the team won the Endurance Gt Serie title with “Spidey” who shared the wheel with Gianluca De Lorenzi in several races. At the same time GDL Racing took part of Porsche Carrera Cup Italia, Porsche Cayman Cup and Italian Gt championship.

2009 season started with a 12th place at Dubai 24 Hours with a Porsche 997 (best Italian team). In the same year GDL Racing seized the 2nd place in the Italian GT3 Championship and took part of Porsche Carrera Cup Italia.

2010 was important for the 3rd overall place at 6 Ore di Vallelunga and the participation at Dubai 24 Hours, Porsche Carrera Cup Italia and Italian GT Championship.

In 2011 GDL Racing took the class-win at Dubai and the 2nd place in the Italian GT, after entering for the first time theBlancpain Endurance Series.

An other important result for the Italian-based team came on 2012 at the Dubai race (12th overall). In the same year GDL Racing joined also GTSprint International Series (2nd) and gave its technical support to Team Ukraina in the Ferrari Challenge Europe.

2013 opened with a 12th place at Dubai 24H in witch GDL Racing lined-up for the first time a new Mercedes Sls GT3 car.