Formula One Division

Team’s history

Founded in 2001 and located in Repubblica di San Marino (RSM), GDL Racing is becoming one of the most versatile and wide-ranged teams in the European racing Panorama.

Trough the experience of Gianluca De Lorenzi as an international driver, and his father Luigi as a Formula One chief mechanic, GDL Racing developed great skills both technically and structurally, attracting top level pro and gentleman drivers.

Strictly related to Porsche at first, GDL Racing has always been a top player in Porsche Carrera Cup Italia, Porsche Sprint Challenge Suisse and GT Cup Open. The team than started focusing also to other projects, such as endurance racing, Lamborghini programs, Fun Cup, Legend Cars, and much more.

2023 marks the public unveiling of GDL Classics, with De Lorenzi behind the wheel of a FONDMETAL Formula One car at the Historic Minardi Day.

Season 2024 program

Montecarlo Historic Grand Prix – 12 May TBC
Spa Franchorchamps – Belgian GP – 28 July
Zandvoort – Dutch GP – 25 August
Monza – Italian GP – 1 September
Imola Minardi Day – Date TBC

As a matter of fact the interest around Historic F1 cars is growing nowadays.
This allowed the F1 Grand Prix organizers to give track-time to the historic cars in selected events like the Belgian GP, the Dutch GP and the Italian GP, that are also between the ones with bigger audience on place.

Other events, such as Montecarlo Historic Grand Prix and Imola’s Historic Minardi Day became very popular, attracting a great amount of people both on the grandstands and onlin with viral content coming out each year by these events.